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Waterfall vs Agile vs Scrum

Waterfall Vs Agile Vs Scrum: What’s the Difference?

The technology industry is teeming with complex vocabulary and convoluted ideas that can be difficult to understand and may overwhelm your mind. Terms such as Waterfall, Scrum, and Agile may be unfamiliar to you, but don’t worry—our team of skilled tech experts at Appasteria are here to help clarify the distinctions between these crucial stages …

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How to Build an Mvp

How To Build An MVP

If you’re planning to develop a new software product, validating the problem and testing the solution before launching a full-fledged product is crucial. The Lean Startup methodology heavily emphasises the MVP stage because it allows you to validate your assumptions quickly and cheaply.  In this article, you can understand MVPs’ meaning, purpose, and benefits and get …

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